Monkman Cascades – Quadcopter Crash

“Monkman Provincial Park in Northeastern BC, south of the town of Tumbler Ridge, is an area of beautiful mountain scenery. The hiking trail to Monkman Lake is popular with backpackers looking for a great trip into the heart of the park. The area is rich in history as well. In the 1930’s a group of pioneers from northern Alberta scouted and built the Monkman Pass Road. This was developed as a shorter route to the west coast for the agricultural products of the north. Unfortunately, the Second World War interrupted these plans, but not before a model T car loaded with a symbolic bag of grain was pushed, pulled, and dragged through what is now the park and over the continental divide.

As beautiful as the trail to Monkman Lake is, it bypasses the most spectacular feature of the park – the Monkman Cascades. These are a series of ten stunning waterfalls along Monkman Creek that thunder over rock ledges, separated by placid pools.” (…)

This video features Moore Falls, Shire Falls and Monkman Falls.

For those of you that came for the crash, it can be viewed at 1:43.

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