Kinuseo Falls

Kinuseo Falls is, quite simply, an icon of Northern British Columbia. This breathtaking, not-to-be-missed sight is taller than Niagara Falls at 60 m (197 ft), and can be found on the Murray River in Monkman Provincial Park, 63 km (39 mi) south of Tumbler Ridge (

“…on our way down the east branch of the South Pine River (which flows north into the Peace, coming in below Hudson’s Hope) we came to a large fall over 200 feet high. These we called Kinoosao Falls (meaning ‘fish’ in the Cree language) owing to the great numbers of trout both above and below the falls. We gave that name as it seemed most appropriate. We were unable to find anyone who had ever seen or heard of these falls, although some of the Indians had heard of them vaguely…..” (February 1920 letter from S.Prescott Fay, Boston, to Geographic Board of Canada; BC file 34275-S#1, Ottawa file 0216).

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